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  • mayur000
  • 24 years old
  • Mumbai, India
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  • radiatelove
  • I like yoga. I started doing yoga about 4 months ago. I don't do it daily but a I do it several times per week. I find that Yoga is a good way to ground my spiritual self. Its a great way to loosen up and open up to who I truly am, physically and spiritually. I would love to meet somebody who is interested in using yoga, and other things, as a way to grow spiritually. Somebody who can ea...
  • 23 years old
  • Howell, MI, USA
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  • anahata927
  • Jnana Yogi I choose reason. I practice yoga. I walk towards enlightenment. I have a full life and life is the present. I am happy, joyous and free. I am vegan, dont drink and just live a spiritually clean and fit life. I am in college full time studying philosophy, psychology and gender studies.
  • 45 years old
  • Freehold, NJ, USA
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  • dreamgoddess
  • When the student is ready the master will appear... Yoga used to be my favorite activity up until I had my daughter, so I'm trying to get back into it but this time around I want some friends to enjoy it with. I'm a confident, soft spoken lady with a strong opinion and an open mind. Hit me up if you ever need a friend or if your just bored!!
  • 30 years old
  • All of GA, USA
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  • darksolitaireuk
  • Hellooo !! Please allow me a short while to fill this out on each of my profile sections that make up the whole of my profile, which started with Vegans Passions I will fill this out better during August of 2015... So you can expect me to come back very shortly to do just that, since I see it is the rules to fill out such.... THANKYOU...
  • 44 years old
  • Wyre Forest District, United Kingdom
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  • profdash
  • YOGA - Union, Balance, Addition, Control, & Integration. I have read about Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga or Patanjala Yoga ('Yama - Niyama - Asana - Pranayama - Pratyaahara - Dharana - Dhyna - Samadhi') & its derivatives (Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Swara Yoga, Laya Yoga, etc.), Buddhist Yoga, Jain Yoga, Tantrik Yoga, Zen Yoga, etc. I am searching for a spiritual partner who ...
  • 71 years old
  • Bhubaneswar, India
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  • friendship9
  • Kundalini (chakra yoga), Tantra,
  • 53 years old
  • A Country Place, VA, USA
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  • jyoti64
  • 54 years old
  • Cirencester, United Kingdom
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  • elorac
  • I am tall and slim and very fit. I am studying Yoga at present and really enjoy the meditation/spirituality aspect of it. I would like to meet a cheerful caring male who is sincere, gentle, romantic and serious about his health and wellbeing. No serial internet daters please.
  • 75 years old
  • Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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  • rayden6
  • I am looking for a soulful connection
  • I am looking for a soulful connection I am seeking someone who is genuine
  • 44 years old
  • Toronto, CANADA
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